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ArtBo 2011. Bogotá.

Artecamara 2011 Pavillion Come and get to know all the selected artists who will expose their works in the Artecámara pavilion of the Bogota International Art Fair in its seventh edition, ArtBo 2011, localized in the pavilions fifteen and sixteen in Corferias.



Kunstomerservice Records. Técnica mixta sobre Vinilo. 2011. El lado B en los discos de vinilo generalmente no se escuchaba pues contenía títulos poco conocidos. Los artistas plásticos y músicos que han participado en el programa cultural del Centro Colombo Americano intervienen de manera libre el soporte de un disco de vinilo (LP). Es un ejercicio … Continue reading


Kunstomerservice. Museo de Arte de Pereira. Colombia.

MUSEO DE ARTE DE PEREIRA Concertado con el Ministerio de Cultura INVITA A LA INAUGURACION DE LAS EXPOSICIONES 24 Junio – 16 Agosto 2011 Coctel Inaugural Viernes 24 de Junio – 7:00pm Museo de Arte de Pereira Av. de las Américas (Sur) No.19-88 Pereira, Risaralda, Colombia Exposiciones: ÁLVARO HERRERA Pinturas Anónimas CRISTINA OCHOA … Continue reading


Parallel Connections. Wayward Gallery. London

Artists taking part: Laura Clarke, James Unsworth, Alistair Burleigh, Kristian de La Riva, Aukje Dekker, Andrés Londoño/Kunstomerservice and the special guest artist Raul Pina. Parallel Connections is a curatorial project ; which concept involves ideas about post-human trends, what does mean in this exhibition: an interaction of the contemporary humankind facing the dehumanization caused by … Continue reading


Privado Entrevistas. Interviews with visual artists.

Andrés Londoño / Kunstomerservice Google translator can be used for reading purposes Conversation with Iván Ordoñez, founder and editor of [!] Privado: entrevistas con artistas y [!] Privado Textos, in [esferapublica]: PRIVADOENTREVISTAS@GMAIL.COM [I]PRIVADO 2010.IVAN ORDOÑEZ. TODOS LOS DERECHOS RESERVADOS.


BASTARDO™ presents: “LadyZorro, Devoción por un ídolo”

BASTARDO™ presents: LadyZorro  Devotion to an idol.  Bastardo for its third project investigates the relationship between a fan and  his idols. Passionate and unconditional devotion, boundless enthusiasm, persistent obsession to certain topics, stubborn and sometimes indiscriminate and violent, a fan believes he possesses the absolute truth. He claims to have all the answers and therefore does not need to keep … Continue reading


Inter-Independientes. Red de salas de exposición Artecámara. Bogotá

> Throughout the year we have seen the bicentennial celebrations from the political arena, but there have been several celebrations from art and culture. Thinking about what to do with this celebration of culture, the exhibition “Inter-independientes” was created by transferring the notion of independence to an analysis of how the colombian arts circuit work. Without wishing … Continue reading


Private Collection, Bogotá.

Jorge Díaz-Torres, Nadín Ospina and Kunstomerservice.


Kunstomerservice Klub At The Arteria Nuskool Party 2010

Invite Kunstomerservice + Arteria Arteria building In the picture, gallerist Christopher Paschall, Roberto José Nieves, Circa Puerto Rico Art Fair director. Collector Alejandro Castaño and gallerist and collector Mauricio Gómez Jaramillo Near the completion of the International Art Fair in Bogota, ArtBo, Arteria Foundation prepares the sixth version of its traditional NuSkool event on Saturday … Continue reading